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Promotional sunscreen
Suncreen-range Promotional sunscreen

Carabineer promotional sunscreen

Carabiner sunscreen

Our new Promotional Sunscreen featuring a handy clip on Carabiner sunscreen is a great new product. Designed in Australia and featuring Australian made sunscreen what could be better for a summer promotional or sports promotions.

Australian-made and TGA approved, this smart looking Promotional 60ml Sunscreen with Carabineer is ideal for attaching to golf bags, back packs or school bags. Suitable for the beach or outdoors. Screw top allows easy refilling. Features: carabiner, broad spectrum 50+ SPF very high protection sunscreen, water resistant for up to 3 hours, and contains vitamin E.

Our Carabineer

Promotional sunscreen Suncreen-range Promotional sunscreen

Printing of promotional sunscreen

We have two different branded options for our promotional sunscreen. Firstly we can direct print onto the product. This is done through a process called pad printing. We only recommend this for logo's or images that are eight single colour or where the colours are spot or separated. Separated by space is the key to producing this.

We also offer a digital or full colour label. We use 3 year outdoor vinyl which means the label will our last our sunscreen as the product only has a 3 year shelf life. This offers a great result for a budget or cheap sunscreen when a complex or full colour logo is required. No wonder promotional sunscreen is now one of the best selling promotional product is n Australia.

Promotional sunscreen including our printed carabiner sunscreen.
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